The Blue Apple, LLC (Blue Apple) is pleased to announce that it has purchased the interests in Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, which were previously held by Fifth Third Bank. Blue Apple is owned and operated by Greg and Kelly Clement who are lifelong Brunswick residents. Greg is the founder and President of Realeflow, LLC, […]

Wednesday January 12 2011


The Blue Apple, LLC (Blue Apple) is pleased to announce that it has purchased the interests in Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, which were previously held by Fifth Third Bank. Blue Apple is owned and operated by Greg and Kelly Clement who are lifelong Brunswick residents. Greg is the founder and President of Realeflow, LLC, an internet software company based in Parma Heights, OH.

“We are incredibly happy with this outcome”, said Bill Eyssen, whose family has owned and operated Mapleside Farms since 1927. “This has been weighing on us for a long time, but what I thought would take about 9 months to finish actually got done in about 9 days”.

Mapleside Farms’ future has been under a cloud of uncertainty for much of 2010.

Eyssen added that “from day one, Greg has made it very clear to me and the family that this is too precious a property to fall into the wrong hands. Greg and Kelly have so many great ideas that complement the authenticity of this place – we’re looking forward to working with them. 2011 and beyond is going to be an extremely exciting time here at the farm. ”

Being a lifelong resident of Brunswick, Clement is aware of the special place that Mapleside Farms holds within the hearts of those not just in the Brunswick community, but those throughout Medina County and all over Northeast Ohio.

“I love the magical feeling that you get when you go to Mapleside,” said Clement. “I remember going there as a kid and tossing a small fortune into that wishing well. I think this is the most incredible property in the entire area and the opportunities to preserve, and at the same time grow, are endless. This place just had to continue – there’s nothing else like it.”

Clement fondly remembers going to Mapleside Farm as a child, and now takes his own family to Mapleside many times throughout the year.

“The cooperation received from the Eyssen family, Mapleside Farms, and Fifth Third Bank regarding this purchase will allow Blue Apple to bring a positive solution for all parties involved and for the overall community,” said Jeff Watson, General Counsel for Blue Apple.

“It still will probably have to officially go through the foreclosure process and there’s still some legal work left to do”, added Watson. “By no means are we in the finished position, but the Clement and Eyssen families are both on the same page as Blue Apple is exploring all options in regards to Mapleside Farms including partnering with the Eyssen family to continue many of the long-time traditions that have been part of the Mapleside Farms experience for many generations.”

Clement notes that the “intention is to keep the spirit of Mapleside Farms intact, while looking to develop the property further as a year-round destination for families and residents.”

For more Information please contact:
Nina Pettry


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KnuttsonOrJune 16, 2015

Attended our first summer concert on August 22. We have heard the Liverpool Lads before and came specifically for them. Their music was great, as usual, however your sound system would benefit greatly with some wireless speakers placed in the trees up by the vendors. It was impossible to understand the band when they were speaking between songs and the music would be much sharper with some “surround sound.” Also, we ate at your restaurant before the concert and we were greatly disappointed by the quality of the food. Most of our party had the seafood buffet and found the food mediocre at best. The crab legs were ridiculously tiny and it took at least 8 legs and a lot of work to get enough crab meat for one forkful. The sides (french fries, mac & cheese, corn on cob, green beans) were cold. The salad bar had very little to offer and the chicken was hard on the inside, impossible to cut. The shrimp was pretty good but the container was empty most of the time. It seemed like there was not enough wait staff to accommodate the pre-concert crowd. I used to frequent Mapleside years back when my sons were young and we enjoyed every visit. The restaurant was always excellent. This visit left us very disappointed and skeptical of dining in again. The summer concert concept is very good but the sound system could use some work so everyone, no matter where you sit, can enjoy the music to its full extent.

judyAugust 24, 2014

We ad a great time at Flashlight Friday with our 6 children ranging from ages 4 to 13. At full price,it would not have been in our plans nor would we have flat like we got our monies worth. The facilities looked similar, the jumping pillow was a blast to watch. We did not eat at the resturant, but it looked very appealing. I am discouraged by reading the reviews. Look forward to visiting during the summer concert series. It sounds like people need to give the new owners a chance. This is a better option than looking at another forclosed property. Best wishes to the new owners and mapleside farms!

Susan Nye ProutNovember 4, 2013

I think you are a good place for fun and all the apples are great.But you can not charge for everything you have there. you will get more family’s to go and be willing to come back all year for all the festivals you have there.It just cost too much money to go to them, There are some of us on a hard budget and can not afford it. thanks for you hearing me out.

ElaineSeptember 17, 2013

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sibnskforumJune 4, 2013

A group of us were at the new Orchard House today for lunch. While we liked the selections we thought the portion of french fries was very small; we were not given refills for the drinks until we asked for them and our waiter put the receipts all in a pile on the table instead of giving them b ack to each of us. If you want to be a top notch restaurant you need to look at your staff. Our waiter’s pants were almost falling off, he had to pull them up several times or they would have fallen off. It would look much more professional if the staff wore some kind of uniform.
I understand that it’s just the start of a new place but you just opened and for that it was not up to expectations.

SigiJanuary 20, 2013

Very nice site!

Pharmk693January 18, 2013

Easter Buffet today was WONDERFUL!!! Brian, Great job by all the staff-kudos to Rick for making sure we had everything we needed and to all of the staff- great job! The food was really really good along with a very nice selection.
Thank you for making a beautiful day truly special. Keep up the great work! See you again-soon.

Patrick ColvinApril 8, 2012

We attended the Pumpkin Fest and the kids had a blast! The kids loved the pillow thing! Great time for the family. Looking forward to it next year!

BillNovember 17, 2011

Gretta – Mapleside Farms is fully open for business. Please check out mapleside.com for details. Thanks again!

Mapleside FarmsOctober 20, 2011

SO IS THE FARM NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS NOW? I was hoping to purchase a half bushel of apples, fresh ones, and ship them to another person in another state for a gift, is this still possible to do?

grettaOctober 15, 2011

Very disappointed in the Johnny Appleseed festival. The reason is …they charged you to get in, charged you for food, and then to enjoy any of the outside acvitives you had to pay again ! I think in the future , there should not be a fee to get in and if there is..it should include some of the actvities. These are hard times for many , and Mapleside Farms needs to remember this . It is such a beautiful place , but myself and my family could not enjoy even a walk thru the valley!This will be the last Johnny Appleseed festival we will attend!

PegSeptember 21, 2011

LOVE the Friday night summer concerts in the valley! It has become a 2 year tradition for my cousins and I (& sometimes our kids) to meet without ever having to arrange ahead of time. We just know if we show up, we are bound to find someone in the family to share a blanket with! We have a few glasses of wine and enjoy the music and the view, especially the SUNSET! What an awesome time we have had over the 2 years. I hope you will continue the festivities!

Castro CousinsMarch 10, 2011

I have ALWAYS loved Mapleside…except for the last time I ate there. SO disappointed in the meal. I used to love the waldorf salad but it’s a lot better when there aren’t brown apples in it. There was nothing about the meal that would draw me back there. So I’m glad it’s getting help. Also, I used to love the apple fritters sold in the bakery but the last ones I got were not as good as years ago. Not much apple in it and not much glaze on it. Would love to try them again, and will, once you’re up and running agail.

And I love the gift shop, such cute things for sale. And the produce always looks good….but MOST of all….the smell when you walk in is just heavenly! Oh, and not to forget the small cups of cider for purchse….it’s soooooo good!

We look forward to you opening up again. Now that we live in Brunswick we’re just down the street from you. We look forward to you opening up again!

KarenFebruary 14, 2011

Thank you Greg and Bill for getting this deal done to preserve this wonderful Brunswick tresure. I was concerned this beautiful area might be turned into another housing development if purchased by an outsider. Best wishes for a life-long profitable venture in our hometown!

Dennis KushlakJanuary 24, 2011

I am not one to write a lot of messages, but I like what I am hearing about Mapleside. I have done quite a bit of different jobs, electrical, carpentry, painting and working in the orchard. I would love to continue being a part of Mapleside.

Glenn YostJanuary 23, 2011

Ditto to Adrianne’s comment. I, to am a laid-off Mapleside employee and am very excited hearing all the news about “the farm”. Everything sounds great. I would also like to ask if you will be holding interviews for us to come back. I have been an employee for about eight years and would love to continue being a part of Mapleside.

Bonnie YostJanuary 23, 2011

Please make sure to read the message I sent you concerning wines in the “contact us” tab. Looking forward to hearing from you!

CassieJanuary 20, 2011

Getting this email really made my day yesterday! I am a laid-off Mapleside employee and love everything I have read. Will you be holding interviews for us to come back? Many of us would love to return to “the Farm”!

Adrianne BeitlJanuary 20, 2011

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